Duchy of Gath

Escape from the Brigand Hideout

August 4, 2013: 1:30 – 3:30 pm
Christian: “DL” (Death Lizard)
Ethan: Xavi
Conrad: Amram
NPC: Creep
Adventure: The Brigands of Lyrkenfenn (continued)

This session began where they last left off. In the last session the Party had completed rooms 9 rooms (not all) of the Brigand’s Lair and had possession Belgor the brigand leader (unconscious) and two emaciated captives of the brigands.

They started this session on the stairs leading out of the lair. As they struggle up the steps, overloaded with loot, the unconscious body of Belgor the brigand leader and two teenage captives of the brigands, they hear the sound of yelling and dogs howling in the lair behind them. In the lead are DL and Creep. Hurrying forward, Creep is carrying Belgor and tosses him out of the hatch to the outside from the stair and is surprised by a volley of arrows from above. Two of the arrows hit him, but he is unharmed. As he pulled the body back down into the stair, Xavi and Amram see 4 attack dogs at the bottom of the steps. They fire their crossbows at the dogs, killing two of them. The remaining two dogs leap over the bodies of the dead dogs to continue their attack. At this point the two captives begin screaming as they see two brigands at the open hatchway at the top of the stairs. DL casts a 3ST fireball at the first figure. The fireball misses, shooting up between the first brigand’s legs and hitting the second brigand in the chest, knocking him on his back and making him drop the torch he was carrying. At the same time, Amram and Xavi fire at the remaining two dogs, killing them as two brigands at the bottom of the steps fire back at them. Amram and Xavi are hit, but are not hurt badly. Xavi shifts to avoid being shot at, but Amram is left exposed to fire. Amram gets triple (rolled a three) damage on one of the bowmen killing him, and Xavi kills the other. At the top of the steps DL swings his sword at the first brigand, rolling triple damage and cutting him in half. causing the captives to scream even louder. At the bottom of the steps, two more brigands arrive, one carrying an axe and the other carrying a quarterstaff. Xavi yells for them to stand down because the group has their leader, and then he and Amram fire on the brigands before waiting for a reply. Xavi hits the axe man, knocking him down and Amram hits the quarterstaff wielding brigand. After another turn, the two brigands are killed. No more brigands arrive the next turn, so Amram heals 2 hits on Xavi and himself.

As the party is deciding what to do next, one of the brigands above throws a grenade into the hatch. It lands between DL, Creep and the two screaming captives. The grenade explodes, hurting DL and Creep, killing one of the captives and knocking the other unconscious.The group tells Creep to stick Belgor up through the hatch to to show the brigands that they have their leader. Another volley of arrows are fired at the hatch, and two hit Belgor, Killing him. Xavi yells up at the bowmen “See, you killed your leader!” The response is “That’s good to know! Now I am the leader! Now throw out your weapons and come out with your hands up!” Creep decides to use the grenade he has been carrying. He lights it, says “I’ll throw out a weapon!” and tosses it out of the hatch in the direction of the leader’s voice, rolling a 5 (double damage). The grenade lands in the midst of the 4 brigands causing 4 dice damage to each of them. Three are killed and one is knocked unconscious. 3MH away, the brigand who was hit by DL’s fireball takes 1 die damage which kills him. Creep kills the unconscious captive against the wishes of the group, because nobody wanted to carry her.

The party emerges from the lair and loots what is left of the blasted brigands. They find a freshly killed deer that the brigand hunting party brought back and after some searching find a horse tied nearby. They try to load the horse, but it snorts and tries to kick them. (bad reaction roll), so they decide to light a fire and camp until morning. Xavi suggests that they cut down the unconscious guard they left in the tree. Creep wants to kill the guard but is overruled by the rest of the group. Xavi takes first watch. After two uneventful hours, Amram takes watch. At the end of the first hour of Amram’s watch, he hears howling. He wakes the rest of the party and they see movement of animals just beyond their firelight. Xavi throws two pieces of the deer carcass toward the wolves, hoping that the meat will distract them, but this does not work. Six dire wolves surround them in a semi-circle and attack them in unison. Creep enters hand to hand combat with one, killing it, but is killed by a second wolf. DL is attacked by two wolves. He kills one and the other is killed by arrows from Amram and Xavi. Xavi is attacked by two different wolves but he is able to defend and knock them down, and then kill them, with the help of Amram. Amram kills two wolves.

After this attack, the party decides to move out before anything else happens. They successfully load the horse, and make an uneventful two day trip back to town.


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