Duchy of Gath

Xavi Joins in Lyrkenfenn

Amram, D.L. and Creep entered the The Village of Lyrkenfenn at dusk to rest and recover from their travels after sucessfully completing Death Test 1. The reptilemen disguised themselves by pulling hoods over their faces and wearing gloves. They went to the Lumberjack’s Rest Inn to inquire if a sleeping accommodations were available. The public area of the inn was occupied by about a dozen people of various types. After ordering food (the reptilemen ordered raw meat) and obtaining sleeping accommodations for the night, they were approached by an elf who was looking for a party of adventurers to assist him in attacking a Brigand hideout that he had discovered in his wanderings.
Equal shares of any loot were agreed on, and the party agreed to set out on the following afternoon for the two day (by foot) trip to the site.


architect9218 architect9218

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